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Wow, that was a long recovery.

20 Apr

Not seriously, I’ve just been really busy.

The Mercer Island Half-Marathon was awesome. I finished in 2 hours and 40 minutes, but I finished strong and that was my only goal for my first big run. I learned a few things that will be helpful going forward: 1) thai food should not be used for carb loading; 2) drinking coffee less than an hour before the race has disadvantages that outweigh the benefits; 3) my husband is the most awesome man alive. Allow me to explain…

1) Thai food – while the starchy pad thai would probably have been a winner if eaten solo, I elected to pair it with a little beef panang, and that was the kiss of death! I should have known better, the curry is just too heavy. But I am helpless and lack any self control when it comes to thai food. Next time I will carb load without heavy cream sauces/coconut milk.

2) Coffee – is a diuretic. Enough said.

3) Erik – not only did my husband get up with me at o-dark thirty, but he walked me to the starting line and waited with me until the race began (so I could wear a jacket before, but not have to carry it)! There he was in the chilly-willy weather telling me how great I was going to do, being all wonderful and supportive – what an angel. Then 2 hours and 40 minutes later as I was coming over the last hill to finish I saw his face smiling at me — best sight I have ever seen! I actually knew my husband was awesome before the half, but this was definitely a reminder of how blessed I am.

With these lessons learned it is now time to plan for the next one!

I am thinking of doing the Super Jock n Jill on September 6, 2010. Has anyone run that course? I know that Woodinville has some great wineries, but I haven’t visited any of them yet. If it is local wine country, then the route will probably be gorgeous! My only hesitation is that the run is on a Monday, and even though it will be a holiday weekend I will probably need to be productive on Tuesday…Ok, so it is less of a hesitation than a minor adverse aspect of a run that I’m totally going to do anyways!